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Miss Sallie’s Cuisine is a small business in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Miss Sallie offers delicious custom handmade baked goods including cakes and biscuits and gourmet treats cooked with tender loving care. These mouth-watering goodies deliver a flavour sensation that’ll leave a smile on your face and have your tastebuds singing for more.

Miss Sallie uses quality Australian products to make her cakes and biscuits and has pride in using products grown and made by Australian farmers and producers. We also understand that environmental concerns are often a high priority for people. Miss Sallie’s Cuisine has been converting our packaging to cardboard/paper and where plastic packaging is needed that it is either recycled, or that it is compostable or recyclable products.

Sallie Davies has been cooking for over 30 years. Driven by an unstoppable sweet tooth and lifelong passion for food, I followed my dreams all the way to France where I decided to peruse a calling as a pastry chef. While living in the South of France I enrolled in classes with an award-winning pastry chef, Olivier Bajard. This inspired me to enrol and complete my diploma of patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. This inspired me to embrace my passion, and where I put my heart and soul into completing my Diploma in Pastry.

After training alongside some of the most admired master chefs in France, I returned to Australia with the skills I had learnt and created my own business, Miss Sallie’s Cuisine, offering a taste of Parisian cuisine Down Under.

Miss Sallies Cuisine offers utterly delicious, beautifully decorated pastries, fine cakes and artisanal biscuits made using classic European traditions and techniques. With a strong focus on quality over quantity, Miss Sallie’s products are handmade from scratch using fresh, local, Australian ingredients and contain no artificial colours of flavours. Delivering absolute pleasure in every mouthful, you’ll be transported to the cobblestone streets of Paris with every bite.

If you’re interested in developing your own patisserie skills and creating stunning cakes for your family and friends, Miss Sallie also offers pastry workshops and training sessions, as well as formal training in Patisserie, Cooking and Hospitality. Catering services can also be made available.

Please note we supply custom cakes and biscuits we need between 2-10 days’ notice to make and deliver your custom order.

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Order from range of cakes or savory dishes. Please allow between 2 and 10 days for your order to be made.



Miss Sallies Cuisine offers various workshops to improve your cooking skills. (eg baking, how to …..)



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