Workshop Classes

Good morning/afternoon,During Victoria’s covid-19 lockdown Miss Sallie was not able to complete classes and workshops face to face. Normally I work from Melton South Community Centre and South Kingsville Community Centre and have the opportunity to meet some very interesting and diverse people during these classes.I did have an opportunity to…


Around the 6th January is known as the Epihanny, (this is when baby Jesus is baptized. And when the wise men are said to have brought their gifts) many Catholics celebrate this auspicious occasion. There may be a mass or special celebrations. In France, people share one of two types…

Top 5 Tools In The Kitchen

Miss Sallie’s essential kitchen utensils When it comes to cooking, having the right utensils can truly elevate your culinary experience. It’s not just about filling your kitchen with the most expensive gadgets, but rather about making wise investments in high-quality tools that will stand the test of time. As a…

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