Miss Sallie’s essential kitchen utensils
When it comes to cooking, having the right utensils can truly elevate your culinary experience. It’s not just about filling your kitchen with the most expensive gadgets, but rather about making wise investments in high-quality tools that will stand the test of time. As a seasoned patisserie chef, I understand that our needs in the kitchen may vary slightly from those of a cuisine chef, but I firmly believe that some utensils are universally indispensable. So, without further ado, allow me to present my top five must-have utensils that every aspiring home cook should consider adding to their arsenal: 1. A trusty set of knives: A good set of knives is absolutely essential in any kitchen. From precision slicing to efficient chopping, a high-quality chef’s knife, a versatile paring knife, and a reliable bread knife will be your trusted companions in achieving perfect cuts. 2. A durable cutting board: Don’t underestimate the importance of a sturdy cutting board. Opt for one made of wood or durable plastic to protect your countertops and provide a stable surface for all your slicing and dicing adventures. 3. A reliable set of measuring cups and spoons: Accurate measurements are the cornerstone of successful cooking. Invest in a set of measuring cups and spoons that provide precise measurements, ensuring your recipes turn out exactly as intended. 4. A versatile set of stainless steel pots and pans: Whether you’re simmering soups, sautéing vegetables, or searing meats, having a quality set of stainless steel pots and pans will make your cooking endeavors a breeze. Look for a variety of sizes to cater to different recipes. 5. A handy silicone spatula: Don’t overlook the humble spatula – it’s a true kitchen workhorse. Opt for one made of heat-resistant silicone, allowing you to effortlessly scrape every last bit of batter or sauce from bowls and pans, without worrying about melting or scratching your cookware. Remember, these recommendations are based on my expertise as a patisserie chef, but they have practical applications for all types of cooking. By equipping yourself with these essential utensils, you’ll be well-equipped to create culinary masterpieces right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Happy cooking!

Miss Sallie top 5 utensils for a Patisserie kitchen

Number 1 utensil: A GOOD KNIFE.

I have always had some nice knives in my kitchen but they were not very expensive. When I lived in France, I was tired of my low-quality knives being dull. One day I went out and bought myself a really expensive knife… a Wusthof knife and a sharpener called a steel. When I enrolled in my patisserie diploma, students received a set of kitchen utensils. These were the tools we would need during our diploma, and they included many knives, including Wusthof ones. I went to a famous cooking shop in Paris called “E. Dehillerin” where I bought a reasonably priced knife that doesn’t have a brand name. But it is one of my favorites. If you are buying a good quality knife, make sure you also get a steel to keep it sharp. It is a good idea to sharpen your knife before every use. It is recommended to have your knives professionally sharpened once a year.

Number 2 utensil:- SPATULAS.

When I am cooking cakes, I always need a spatula. I have many, which are not all of the same quality. Try for a mid-range priced spatula. Your spatula should bend a little, but it is not so bendy that it doesn’t pick anything up from your bowl. Or one that is so stiff is not great to use either. My favorite spatula at the moment is from Loyal. You can also use the scrapers without a handle. These types of spatulas do come in handy. I prefer the flat hard plastic types to the thick silicone ones.

Number 3 utensil: CHOPPING BOARDS.

In a professional situation, you need to have different colored boards. Different colors for different foods, e.g. red for raw meat, blue for fish, yellow for cooked meat, etc. Usually, your boards would be made from polycarbonate or hard plastic. In a professional situation, your chopping boards would not be made from wood. But honestly, if you are not running a commercial business, which you need to follow proper food and hygiene practices, I would invest in a nice wooden chopping board. Making sure you clean them well after each use. This will ensure you don’t induce food poisoning to the people you are feeding.

Number 4 untensil:- BOWLS.
I have always been a buyer of bowls and love little “pinch” bowls. Of which i have a large collection. They come in handy when you’re measuring herbs and spices etc where you need little quantities. But I also like having good size large bowls for mixing creams, egg meringues and cake batters and biscuit doughs. Personally like stainless steel (which you can also use in the microwave). And are better for some activities like tempering chocolate and beating egg whites.

Number 5 utensil:- WHISK.
Personally I don’t think there is much difference in whisks, but I do have few because it seems when you need them you never have enough. but don’t buy an el cheapo one they are not good quality and usually fall apart really quickly and you will need to replace them regularly. Try to buy a good quality whisk in this case.

Once you get some of these basics then start looking for other things like scales (especially if you are ccoking patisserie) because you need precise measurements when cooking cakes and biscuits, rolling pins graters and other utensils like saucepans and bowls.

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