Red Velvet Cake


Having cooked 3 discs of cake, each are 8inch in diametre. We make and use creamcheese frosting as our filling. The cakes are sandwiched together with ths frosting and the top is also finished with the creamcheese. You can choose the topping decoration from sprinkles, cake crumb, dried flowers or edible glitter. Please note We need between 2 and 10 days notice please leave date required in the order note so we can schedule your order to arrive on time.  

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 Origin of this cake and Miss Sallie’s little history.

It is evident that the red velvet cake is widely favored by many. If I were to relive my childhood, undoubtedly, this would be my cake of choice. Even though this cake is relatively new to me, I have developed a genuine affection for it. However, I must admit that I have some reservations about the cream cheese frosting. Interestingly, in the 1900s, the red velvet cake was introduced by a red food dye producer from America. This clever marketing tactic aimed to boost the sales of red food coloring, as if children needed any more encouragement to be wild! Furthermore, it is worth noting that beetroot juice has been utilized as an alternative method to achieve the vibrant red hue of this cake. The type of cocoa powder used also plays a role in determining the cake’s colour.

Traditionally, red velvet cake is adorned with a French-style butter roux icing, also known as ermine icing. This particular icing is exceptionally light and fluffy, albeit quite laborious to prepare. However, over the course of the 20th century, cream cheese frosting and buttercream frosting have gained immense popularity as alternative options. On the other hand, buttercream frosting is a delightful combination of butter and icing sugar.

A roux is a sauce started with flour and butter or water and prepared in a saucepan. Buttercream frosting is a mix of butter and icing sugar.

Description of our Red Velvet Cake

We follow the traditional style of the actual red velvet cake and include all the normal ingredients along with the use of buttermilk and bicarb to achieve a moist soft texture and red food colouring to achieve the slight red colour of this cake. Having cooked three discs of cake, each eight inches in diameter, we make and use the more modern cream cheese frosting rather than the ermine icing. The cakes are sandwiched together with the frosting, and the top is also finished with the cream cheese. You can choose the topping decoration from sprinkles, cake crumb, dried flowers, or edible glitter.

The people or person who will receive this order of cake will get it in a white cake box. Our boxes are recyclable or compostable. If this is a gift for someone you love and care about, and you provide us with a short message in the notes section of the order, Miss Sallie’s Cuisine can provide a small gift card free of charge.

Please note: We need between two and ten days’ notice. Please leave the required date in the order note so we can schedule your order to arrive on time.

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Decorative Toppings

Sprinkle, Dried Flowers, Edible glitter, Cake Crumbs


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