Shortbread Biscuits


Chic and luxurious, these buttery French style shortbread biscuits have been flavoured using a gorgeous hint of Australian orange zest and vanilla paste for a mouth-watering indulgence.

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Origin these handmade Shortbread Biscuits and Miss Sallie’s little history.


Using a gorgeous hint of Australian orange zest, and vanilla paste in our Shortbread Biscuits. Miss Sallie’s Cuisine has made over the understated and humble shortbread biscuit no longer gritty and tasteless. Chic and luxurious, our shortbreads biscuits are a mouth-watering indulgence you can’t say no to. Of course this means you can enjoy this decadent biscuit all year round and not just at Christmas.

Finally, Miss Sallie’s Cuisine has been in a position to change the packaging she was using. To a more environment friendly option. Therefore the packaging for our biscuits is both compostable as well as recyclable.

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Flour, Sugar, Butter, Salt, Orange Zest & Vanilla Paste.

Contains Gluten. May contain other allergens such as nuts, dairy or chocolate. If unsure please check with us.


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